LeasePal is a platform that helps real estate owners manage their real estate portfolio.


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LeasePal has everything you need to manage your real estate portfolio.
You're up and running in no time!
Register, enter your real estate portfolio, invite your tenants to join LeasePal and have LeasePal process and monitor contracts and rental fees!
LeasePal daily downloads a copy of your bank statement for each of your rental properties and matches these statements automatically to your tenancies.
LeasePal will alert you and your tenants if rent has been missed.
LeasePal logs maintenance and expenses that can be shared with your tenants. LeasePal communication features between landlords and tenants make these issues easier to resolve. LeasePal keep you informed of progress on a timely and regular basis.

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Create your LeasePal account and start a free month trial. Subscriptions are available based on the total number of properties. There are no sign up costs or hidden fees and there is no minimum term so you can close your account at any time.

Enter your Portfolio

Enter your Real Estate Portfolio, including contracts, rental agreements, rental fees, maintenance fees, charges etc. All data and forms are stored electronically on LeasePal, saving you time and reducing the risk of lost information. When you need to find new tenants, your rental property information will be ready with no need to re-enter any data.

Invite your Tenant

Once they accept your invitation, your tenant will be given access to relevant property information for the duration of their tenancy and will be able to view payments, due dates, maintenance issues, inspections and messages sent between you and your tenant.

Let LeasePal work

LeasePal helps you to manage your rental properties, offers a convenient communication system between you and your tenants while working behind the scenes to ensure rent has not been missed and maintenance issues are being resolved. LeasePal will keep you updated anywhere in the world at any time.


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